Rather than do business with someone you know nothing about, you are probably like most people who are more comfortable hiring someone a friend has recommended.  This is especially true when hiring a contractor.  If you were not recommended to us by someone you know, we think that you will be encouraged to hear that the majority of our business comes from referrals.

Below are quotes from some of the letters we have received from our clients.  They all would recommend Decorative Mouldings personally to their friends.  We would like the opportunity to make you another happy client.

"Mike is very conscientious about his work.  With everything he did on my house he always made sure I was 100% satisfied.  There were some pretty challenging projects at my house and Mike completed all of them beautifully.  I would recommend him to anyone."
- Frank Gatlin
Rancho Santa Fe

 "The features Mike added to our new home have given it a level of richness and elegance beyond what even our architect had envisioned.  Mike is a perfectionist who takes whatever time necessary to make each detail look just right.  His work is the single greatest source of compliments from our friends."
- Bob and Suzy Freund
Del Mar

 "Deciding to add crown moulding throughout our home was the best investment we've made.  Our home is over 4,000 square feet, with very high ceilings.  Something was missing in every room before we added the crown moulding.  It has added the 'finished look' we were going for and it receives the most compliments from our friends."
- Suzie and Kris Perry
Otay Lakes

 "We're very pleased with the work that Mike Haug of Decorative Mouldings did to enhance the interior windows of our home in Olivenhain.  Mike was very professional in his approach including his bidding estimates, timeliness and promptness, and his creative suggestions of ways to improve the appearance of our doors and windows.  Most of all, his careful and exact workmanship provided our newly-purchased 20 year-old home with a beautiful custom-built appearance that was previously missing.  We would be happy to recommend Mike to anyone looking for a skilled craftsman for their prospective project."
- Ron & Annika Medak

 "I am always pleased to extend a recommendation for work well done!  We have lived in our home now for 9 years and the crown moulding you put in each of our rooms has been one of the best improvements we could have done.  It "completes" the room and gives the space a polished look and feel.   I have worked with many contractors over the past 9 years and I am happy to say that your work was done, on time, on budget and with expertise and you cleaned up the work areas as well.  I can't say that for every contractor experience!  Thanks again for everything!"

- Chris Reynolds
Escondido, CA

 "Decorative Mouldings gets high marks on quality and service.  The proprietor was to the point by offering advise on what would and would not work well for the room size and ceiling height.  The estimate was the final cost and the work was done professionally.  No mess, no fuss, just beautiful mouldings!" 
Joan Zeltinger
Encinitas, CA

So now if you feel like you are ready to meet Mike and see what he can do in your home, give him a call and arrange for a free consultation and estimate.  He will bring samples of crown moulding and help you select just the right material for your home.
Here is his cell phone number again: (858) 945-4286.


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